Contesting Your Property Tax This Year?

Contesting Your Property Tax This Year?

If you're considering contesting your 2024 property taxes, we might be able to help.  We do this every year as a free public service and there's no cost or obligation.

While we can't guarantee that we can lower your taxes, we have had a very high success rate in the past. Our agents will find sales of comparable homes that you can present to the county in order to protest your tax assessment. We will also help walk you through the process of contesting your taxes. Our knowledge of the area, and our ability to see the final sale price of homes, allow us to provide you a service that is comparable to the paid options, at no cost or obligation. You can also watch the video below for a full explanation of this service, and the tax contesting process. If you would like to contest your taxes, sign up at the link below. One of our agents will contact you and start the process.

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