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Wherever you live, in any major city in America, there are real estate firms that always stand out when it comes to selling luxury and estate homes.  The Grisak Group has been that company in the Fairview, Lucas, Parker and Lovejoy ISD area of the Dallas Real Estate market for well over two decades.  

We don't profess to be experts in any other area of the massive Dallas/Fort Worth market.  We leave that to others, however, if you're selling your home in our area of expertise, you won't find a more competent, experienced, or knowledgeable real estate firm.  We've been the "go-to" company when it comes to luxury and estate home sales.  If you haven't seen our notable sales section,  almost all of these beautiful, million dollar plus homes are in Fairview, Lucas, and Parker.

Tom Grisak, individually, has been the #1 agent by sales volume in this area for the past 23 consecutive years and has been passing on his knowledge and experience about this very niche area to his team.  Now, they've become the new faces of The Grisak Group. 


The number one goal when marketing a home on-line is to create an emotional attachment with a viewer and to do that that, there is nothing more critical than professional quality photography.  We only work with a select group of the best photographers in the area and they know exactly what we're looking for.

While most photographers only take one shot of every scene they want to capture and then enhance that image, it creates real issues when the view is towards a window.  The interior of the room might look great, but the view through the windows is clouded and grainy.  Enhance the view through the window and the interior starts to become grainy and lose clarity.

To compensate for this issue, our photographers take three pictures of every scene with three different camera exposures.  They then blend the three images into one which allows them to build bright, colorful and clear images both inside and through the windows.  This  process takes time and is expensive. 

We receive compliments all the time about our photography and this is how it's achieved.  Just look at any home on our website paying special attention to shots taken from the room towards a window, then compare those to our competition wherever their pictures are posted. 

Our Website

From day one, The Grisak Group website has separated us from our competition.  We built our first site when the Internet was in its infancy and we were having to explain to visitors what Google was.  Since then we completely updated it numerous times to take advantage of ever-changing marketing techniques.  The only thing worse than not having a website is having a stale website that looks like it's been forgotten.  We've all seen those.  Every day we're adding to ours with good area information, new listings, sales, and properties coming soon.  This is also where Tom posts his real estate blog.  

How Do People Find Us?

Remember, we've been selling real estate for a long, long time,  When the Internet was in its infancy we purchased all the dot com city domain names running along Hwy 75 from Murphy to Melissa.  That includes,,,, etc.  We knew this was going to be our area of concentration way back then so we started building our mousetrap.

We have a large local following and with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. our reach is limitless  We create a walk-through video of all of our listings that are then posted to our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. These are “boosted” to area residents.
National Marketing Our listings will appear on the MLS,, Zillow, and all of the other syndicated

Our Bi-Weekly Real Estate Newsletter

Every other week Tom creates his popular local newsletter with a 3,500 member subscriber list.  It highlights our new listings, coming soon listings, and sales along with any pertinent local real estate news.


We employ sophisticated Google technology to make sure our website appears when someone is doing a search for a home in Fairview, Lucas, Parker, or Lovejoy ISD (Independent School District) only locally but across the country.

Luxury Presence

This social media company manages 20% of the top 100 luxury agents around the country. We employ them to assist in our national marketing campaigns.

Dream Homes of Texas

We collaborate with DHOT to reach millions of viewers from around the world interested in Texas homes. We’ve had as many as 10 million views on our unique luxury estate properties.

Our Choose Your Neighbor Program

We send postcards to 50 neighbors surrounding a new listing giving them a first opportunity to choose their own neighbor.

Drone Videos
We fly our acreage listings with drones which provide a great view of what’s around the property.

Twilight Photos

We photograph our luxury properties during the “golden twilight hours”

Communication With Sellers

We go the extra mile when we’re not receiving feedback from agents after showings. We believe this is vital and will contact them personally when they don’t respond to the automated

Our Compliance Department

Keeping our sellers out of trouble is just as important to us as selling their home. We have three sets of eyes looking at every signed document … the listing agent, our own transaction coordinator, and the Keller Williams Allen compliance officer. They are all checking to make sure nothing has been missed on the initials, signatures, or required documentation.


People today just have the time to sit down and read magazines plus, because they take so long to produce and get into the hands of homeowners, the information is already dated. Real estate is an extremely fast moving industry. However, we are big proponents of postcards announcing our new listings. All we’re trying to accomplish is a quick look by a homeowner to get their attention.

Our Bulletproof Reputation

With 40 years and $700 million in transactions behind us, neither The Grisak Group nor their clients have ever been sued nor have we ever had a complaint filed against us with the Texas Real Estate Commission. In today’s litigious society that’s an outstanding record and illustrates our attention to detail.

We Are With Keller Williams International

We’re with Keller Williams International, the largest franchised real estate brokerage in the world. Our networking with agents locally and around the world is unmatched. Our KW Allen office dominates the Fairview, Lucas, and Parker area of the MLS and there's a good chance the buyer of a home is also going to be represented by a KW agent.

Work With Us

We would be honored to be the Realtors you choose to list your home. If you are ready to sell, thinking of selling, or are just looking for an opinion of value, we would love to hear from you.