Past Year Agent Ranking in Fairview, Lucas, and Parker, Tx

Past Year Agent Ranking in Fairview, Lucas, and Parker, Tx

It's July and time for the unfiltered MLS agent market share report for Fairview, Lucas, and Parker, Texas.  For the past 25 years, this has been our main area of specialization, our wheelhouse.  

To make a top 25 list in any area of the MLS, the agent must be knowledgeable, current on trends, competent in pricing, and know how to negotiate for their clients. This area is especially tricky because so many homes are on acreage.  It takes years of experience to understand this very unique market. 

I'm currently at 31 home sales with an average sale price of $1.4 million; however, I have several other homes under contract or about to go under contract.  Of course, we're biased and think we're the best, but if you decide to list or buy with another agent, here are the most active agents in this area.


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