1000 Dunbarton was One Tough Transaction

1000 Dunbarton was One Tough Transaction

Congratulations to Jason Grisak for the closing on 1000 Dunbarton in Richardson.  This was a very difficult transaction for a couple of reasons. 

First, the home had several issues Jason knew had to be addressed before anyone would buy the home but the seller wasn't ready to take them on.  In addition, the seller only spoke broken English as Mandarin was his native language.  Jason was patient in making sure the seller understood what his options were and the ramifications of his decisions.  

Eventually, I believe the sellers just trusted Jason to navigate them through the process and he got it done for them.  As always, we're very happy for our seller.

Jason also has a nice Lovejoy listing coming up soon and we'll let you know about it when we can.


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