What's So Special About Fairview, Texas

What's So Special About Fairview, Texas

Fairview Considers Itself a Town, Not a City

Although the first image many people see of Fairview is their owned four story town hall that makes it look like a "city", the residents from the mayor on down prefer to say they live in "the town of Fairview"..  The term "city" sounds a little impersonal and large, but "town" conveys a sense of togetherness and unity and that's what Fairview is all about.  It really is a unique town that feels a bit like country but has all the conveniences a city would offer.

Fairview is only 8.8 square miles in size with approximately 11,000 residents.  The north Dallas sprawl has already moved right over Fairview so there's little land left to develop and even when they are, most will be comprised of home on big, one acre plus lots per city zoning.  

Drive through some of the neighborhoods in Fairview and you'll notice people waving or smiling.  Fairview has wisely kept the commercial and high density developments on the far west side of town along Hwy 75 so that's where most of the heavy traffic exists.  As you drive further east into the single family neighborhoods, traffic becomes light.   There's a feeling of spaciousness as you drive through the neighborhoods.

The residents are united in keeping Fairview the way it is and that includes supporting the fabulous schools.

Fairview Feels Like Country

You’re likely to see horses, longhorns, sheep, goats, and other farm animals the larger Fairview estate properties. We've seen road runners, hawks, bobcats, beavers, and we understand some of the residences see deer in the Corps property.

The 289 Acre Heard Museum and Walking Trails

Right across the street from Fairview is the 289 acre Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary with four distinct ecosystems where kids and adults alike can walk through the trails.   It's a haven for wildlife as well.

Fairview's Dark Sky Ordinance

In 2006, we adopted a series of restrictions and guidelines designed to limit glare, reduce unnecessary light and control other light pollution.  Their Dark Sky Ordinance helps to ensure adequate lighting only where it is needed in order to reduce spillover light between properties, increase safety for travelers and increase aesthetic value for their town. Their residents are able to take full advantage of a starry sky surrounded by plenty of nature, an experience unique to other cities in the DFW area.  Fairview is very strict about keeping night lighting at a minimum.  

Fishing, Boating and Other Recreational Activities

Approximately 1.6 million people visit Lavon Lake each year to enjoy camping, fishing, swimming, boating and other recreational activities.  It's hard to believe all this is located within a few minutes of two major thoroughfares leading to the Dallas Business District and DFW Airport.

All The City Conveniences are Right There

Although Fairview has a feeling of country, it also has its own commercial development center placed along the far western area of the town. There are more than 3 million SF of retail, restaurants, and entertainment in both Fairview and right across the street in Allen (a city of 105,000 or so). 

The two developments on Stacy Rd have the big box stores like Macy’s, Target, Dillard’s, Container Store, Pet Smart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, etc and there are also quite a few restaurant chains. You’ll find pretty much anything you’ll need in the way of shopping.

The Medical Center of McKinney, a Level II Trauma Center, Primary Stroke Center and Stroke Rehabilitation Center touches Fairview on the north side and there is another fine hospital just south of Fairview, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Allen.

The Allen Event Center right across the street from Fairview is home to the Allen Americans Hockey Team and there are always events going on there like gun shows, rodeos, and trade shows. You can even rent the secondary rink for league play.

Fairview is Known For Its Fantastic School District

Most, but not all of Fairview is situated within the boundaries of the Lovejoy Independent School District. It’s a perennial top three public school system every year per the Texas Education Agency, always right there with Highland Park and Carroll school districts which speaks volumes about Lovejoy.

It’s not a large school district with only about 4,300 students, so the kids know each other, the teachers, and the administrators. Many students go through the entire school district from first grade through high school.  Although the teams are very competitive, the kids don't have to be superstar athletes to participate.  Lovejoy's most recognized sport, with multiple state championships is the girl's volleyball team.  Year in and year out, they put together a phenomenal team and their athletes are recruited by colleges from across the country.  Just take a look at the website for the girl's volleyball team

Lovejoy has a strong gifted and talented program and the parents stand solidly behind the administration, teachers and kids. There are no apartments within the Lovejoy School district so the students all come from single family homes. With Fairview almost completely developed out, any remaining developments will have single family homes on acre plus lots keeping the size of the district fairly stable.

Fairview Has Excellent Public Services

How many towns this small can afford their own, beautiful, four story town hall which also houses the police department?  Plus a fully staffed and equipped fire department with it's two newer fire stations.  How does Fairview do it?  The tax base from all of the commercial development and the expensive homes in Fairview.

Are You Interested in Fairview? 

Just give us a call and we'd be happy to take you on an hour and a half tour of the town.  That's all it will take and we know you'll like what you see.

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