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Fairview/Lovejoy ISD
1150 Stone Creek
$1.749 Million
Emory/Rains ISD
Pine Lake Ranch
$1.7 Million
Fairview/Lovejoy ISD
See It First
$1.595 Million
Fairview/Lovejoy ISD
751 Creekwood Dr. N.
$1.391 Million
 Lucas/Lovejoy ISD
415 W. blondy Jhune
$1.095 Million PENDING
  Parker/Plano ISD
5306 Creekside Court
  Fairview/Lovejoy ISD
311 Cambridge Dr 
  Lucas/Allen ISD
See It First
Fairview/Lovejoy ISD
981 Hart Rd
  Lucas/Lovejoy ISD
425 Bee Caves
  Lucas/Lovejoy ISD
11 Pecan Grove Circle
$642,000 PENDING
  Parker/Allen ISD
See It First
Fairview/McKinney ISD
401 Oak Ridge

Lucas/Lovejoy ISD
859 W Forest Grove
Allen/Allen ISD
937 Pineburst
$449,900 PENDING 
Allen/Allen ISD
See It First
Prosper/Prosper ISD
2402 Crown Colony
  Allen/Lovejoy ISD
1617 Silverleaf
Seis Lagos/Wylie ISD
3 Cannonero Circle
Prosper/Prosper ISD
 Greenspoint Lots
Fairview/Lovejoy ISD
1401 Meandro Ria
  Plano/Plano ISD
2041 Liverpool
Wylie/Wylie ISD
1311 Anchor Drive
Past 30 Day's Activity 
June 28 PENDING Allen ISD Allen 937 Pine Burst Listed Price $449,900
June 29 PENDING Plano ISD Plano 2041 Liverpool Listed Price $235,000
June 28 NEW LISTING Allen ISD Parker See It First $598,000
June 28 BACK ON MARKET Allen ISD Allen 937 Pine Burst $449,900
June 28 PENDING McKinney ISD Fairview 401 Oak ridge Listed Price $595,000
June 25 Summer Fun The Edge - Allen's Wonderful Skate Park
June 25 Prosper News Pride in the Sky Celebration
June 23 PENDING Lovejoy ISD Lucas 425 Bee Caves Listed Price $649,900
June 23 NEW LISTING Lovejoy ISD Lucas 859 W Forest Grove $529,500
June 23 NEW LISTING Prosper ISD Prosper 2402 Crown Colony $360,000
June 20 SOLD Prosper ISD Prosper 2560 Greenspoint Listed Price $765,000
June 20 PENDING Lovejoy ISD Lucas 1617 Silverleaf Listed Price $359,900
June 19 SOLD Allen ISD Parker 5702 Overton Listed Price $429,500
June 15 PENDING Lewisville ISD Lewisville 1228 Settlers Way Listed Price $149,900
June 14 PRICE DROP Wylie ISD Lucas ETJ 3 Cannonero Circle $349,000  $329,000
June 13 PENDING Lovejoy ISD Lucas 11 Pecan Grove Circle Listed Price $642,000
June 13 New Listing Lovejoy ISD Fairview See It First $1,595,000
June 13 New Listing Allen ISD Allen See It First $449,000
June 8 KW Allen June Awards Congratulations Rhonda, Erin, Janee, Sonya, Terri, Shelly, and Sheri
June 12 SOLD Lovejoy ISD Lucas ETJ 919 Santiago Trail LIsted Price $439,000
June 8 BACK ON THE MARKET Prosper ISD Prosper Lot 10 Greenspoint Lane  $319,900
June 11 SOLD Lovejoy ISD Fairview 1220 Rowley Mile Listed Price $725,000
June 11 NEW LISTING Lovejoy ISD Lucas 1617 Silverleaf $359,900
June 11 PICTURES POSTED Lovejoy ISD Fairview 981 Hart Rd $749,000
June 8 PENDING Lovejoy ISD Lucas 415 Blondy Jhune Rd Listed Price $1,095,000
June 8 PENDING Wylie ISD Wylie 1311 Anchor Drive Listed Price $180,000
June 8 NEW LISTING Plano ISD Plano 2041 Liverpool $235,000
June 8 PENDING Prosper ISD Prosper Lot 10 Greenspoint Lane  $319,900
June 8 TOM'S BLOG The 21 Most Expensive Fairview Home Sales over past 7 years, and Who Sold Them
June 5 SOLD Lovejoy ISD Fairview 1821 Hammerly Listed Price   $657,000
June 4 NEW LISTING Wylie ISD Wylie 1311 Anchor Drive $180,000
June 2 PENDING Lovejoy ISD   1401 Meandro Ria Listed Price $299,000
June 2 PENDING Lovejoy ISD Fairview 311 Cambridge Dr Listed Price $861,000
May 28 SOLD Allen ISD Allen 732 Creek Valley Listed Price   $269,900
May 27 SOLD Lovejoy ISD Fairview 960 Circle In The Woods Listed Price $985,000
May 26 BACK ON THE MARKET Prosper ISD Prosper Lot 10 Greenspoint Lane  $319,900
May 23 SEE IT FIRST Allen ISD Lucas 2 story on 1 acre $749,000
May 22 SOLD Lovejoy ISD Fairview 1801 Stacy Rd Listed Price $1.65 Million
May 22 SOLD Lovejoy ISD Lucas 15 Silver Creek Cir 2 Acre Lot Listed Price $325,000
May 22 NEW LISTING Lovejoy ISD Fairview 1401 Meandro Ria $299,000
May 21 SEE IT FIRST Lovejoy ISD Allen Allen/Lovejoy ISD $359,900
May 20 SEE IT FIRST Lovejoy ISD Fairview 2 story on 1 acre $749,000
May 19 NEW LISTING Lovejoy ISD Lucas ETJ 919 Santiago Trail $439,000
May 18 PRICE DROP Plano ISD Parker 5306 Creekside court $895,000 $870,000
May 14 SOLD Wylie ISD Lucas 502 Seis Lagos Trail Listed Price $463,700
May 14 TOM'S BLOG Three Reasons You Should Hire a Realtor
May 12 PRICE DROP McKinney ISD Fairview 401 Oak ridge $659,900    $634,900

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