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Two Homes in Title This Week, and It’s Only Tuesday!

Posted by tomgrisak on June 28, 2017
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Every Realtor on earth wishes these summer selling months would last forever, but we all know they won’t.  Things will slow down as we enter into the cold months and I’ll probably be crying the blues in January.  But for now, we’re all pushing hard.  Here are two homes we just put into title.

I can’t think of two more diverse homes than the two pictured below.   However, they do have two things in common.  Both went under contract within a week of hitting the MLS and both are situated in Lovejoy ISD, one of the best little school districts in the entire state of Texas year in and year out.

Sean Elliott is working with me on the sale of 1812 Reynolds in Allen shown just below.  Many people don’t realize there are subdivisions in the city of Allen that feed into Lovejoy ISD (6 to be exact) and this is one of them.

Interesting story on this home.  We had a great offer on the home even before we had a chance to get it on our website, but the buyer had to have a contingency to sell another home.  Contingency offers can be risky at this time of year because they effectively remove the home from the market during the peak season while the buyer is trying to sell their home.  Even with knockout clauses, many agents just won’t show a home while it’s under a contingency.

The sellers rolled the dice and let us do our marketing on the home.  Actually, we weren’t surprised it went under contract so quickly.  It’s a gorgeous, extremely well cared for home inside and out.


Erin Hickman is representing the buyer on 1820 Country Club in Lucas (this is not our Listing).  You can read the story by following the link.

Of course, there’s a big difference between a home going into title and closing, but we feel pretty good about both of these.  The inexpensive home is priced so low it almost doesn’t matter what comes up on the inspection and the expensive home is so well cared for, we’d be shocked if an inspector found something major.  Hopefully we’ll be announcing both of these sales in the coming weeks.

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