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The Lucas Texas Lifestyle

Posted by tomgrisak on March 3, 2017
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I saw these riders today driving home.  Not that I needed it, but it reminded me how much I love living in little Lucas, Texas.  These ladies have just finished riding part of the Trinity Trail that winds around Lake Lavon.  And the amazing thing is this is only about 7 minutes from 3 million SF of shopping, entertainment, and dining in Fairview and Allen at 75 and Stacy Rd.

This is just past the Blondy Jhune Rd intersection with Winningkoff.  That’s my normal route home but the small bridges are under construction.  Driving down that road under a canopy of trees is so special.

By the way, do you know what the biggest problems we have as agents selling homes out here?  The Fairview and Lucas homeowners don’t want to sell when they start looking around and realize they can’t find anything close to what they currently have.  They just stay put and I certainly can’t blame them.


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