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The Picture That Sold a Home

Posted by tomgrisak on December 1, 2017
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Many years ago, I had a beautiful home listed in one of the premier Fairview subdivisions.  I showed it to a couple who really seemed to like it.   Let me rephrase that.  Mrs. Buyer seemed to really like the home and Mr. Buyer was noncommittal.  I never could figure out if he didn’t like the home or liked it and just wasn’t showing his cards.

Mrs. Buyer just exuded warmth and kindness.  The way she talked about her kids told me she was a great mother.  Mr. Buyer, on the other hand, was all business.  Like many businessmen, he was a little aloof and on guard about what he said.  He kept looking for reasons not to buy the home from an analytical standpoint.  I got the impression he was the one standing in the way of them making their offer.

Every other week or so Mrs. Buyer would call and ask what was going on with the home.  We talked about the home and how much she liked it.  This went on for months.

One day I was talking with the Seller and she happened to mention she had a photo of their home in the snow.  I told her I’d love to see it.  It was a great picture so I added it to our site and the MLS.

This home sits on the top of a wooded hill so the shot looking up with the snow on the ground, the roof, and in the trees was just beautiful.  The sellers had a colorful Christmas garland and wreaths wrapped along the length of the upstairs balcony for Christmas.

Not long after that picture was posted I received another call from Mrs. Buyer.  She said they were ready to make their offer.  Long story short, they reached terms with the seller and the home went to title.

At the closing, I asked Mrs. Buyer why they had waited so long to buy the home and what convinced them to finally make the move.   She replied “When I saw the picture of the home in the snow I could just see our family gathering around the fireplace at Christmas”.  That’s what did it.  My guess is she finally said “We’re buying this home”, and they did.


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