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Sycamore Place, Fairview, Texas

Most people think Sycamore Place is part of Oakwood Estates, but it’s not.  Sycamore Place starts when you make a right at the first stop sign on Oakwood Trail.  Then follow Ashwood around to the left.  By the way, if you don’t turn left, you’ll find yourself in yet another small development called The Oaks of Fairview.

Like Oakwood Estates, it’s a true custom home development and like Oakwood, the homes are set on beautiful, wooded, one acre lots.  Those who live in Sycamore Place will tell you they get less traffic than Oakwood Estates.  To me, it also feels a little more secluded than Oakwood.

Sycamore Place is slightly older than Oakwood.  Homes were being built as early as 1986 but it was fairly well finished out by 1996.  Remember, this was before all the shopping, entertainment, and restaurants came into Fairview, so these older developments took quite a bit longer to finishout than today’s newer developments.

Overall, the homes in Sycamore Place are a bit smaller than Oakwood homes, and because they are also older, you’ll probably find a more affordably priced home.  Many of the homes along with their landscaping and pools are in need of updating but the new generation homes coming out of the ground will be on treeless lots, so it’s just a matter of preference to the buyer.

Sycamore Place is in Lovejoy ISD.