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Remington Park, Fairview, Texas

Remington Park is an MChristopher Development located on far, far east Stacy Rd near the intersection of Orr Rd.  It’s about as far east as you can get in Fairview and still be in Lovejoy ISD.  You feel like you’re in the country, but surprisingly, there are 3 Million SF of shopping, restaurants and entertainment right up Stacy Rd, maybe 5 minutes away.  This is one of the many reasons people love living in Fairview, big lots, great schools, feels like country, but a short drive from retail.  Out here, the nights are dark and quiet because there is no more development to the east, just Lake Lavon and the Corps of Engineer property around it.

Remington Park was developed around 2014.  It was so far away from the main traffic flow of Fairview, I wondered if that would slow development down.  But like all of Fairview, and especially homes in Lovejoy ISD, the motto fits “Build it and they will come”.  Once the first home was started others fell in right behind it.

One of the nice things about the development is it ties into two other much larger developments, Parkside and Thompson Springs by a common walking trail.  There are lots, and lots of kids all within bike riding distance of each other.  And if you like fresh veggies and eggs, the Willis Market, almost a Fairview landmarks, is located right across the street.  It was once a best kept secret but the word is out now.

Remington Park Location Map