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Monarch City is Big News for Allen, Tx

Posted by tomgrisak on May 10, 2018
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Well, this is exciting!  Monarch City, a planned mixed use project at the SWC of 75 and 121 in Allen would be a HUGE boost to the area.

I remember at least 20 years ago there was an indoor mall built on that corner complete with acres of parking.  It never opened and the huge building sat there for more than a decade and slowly deteriorated until they finally tore it down.

I don’t want to sound like “David Downer”, but I’ve seen so many large projects like this announced and then fall apart.  But I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  It would be a real plum for Allen and would also benefit Fairview, Lucas, Parker, McKinney, etc.  We shall see.

Here’s the LINK to the article

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