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Lovejoy ISD Finishes in Texas’ Top Four With Highland Park and Southlake Carroll

Posted by tomgrisak on July 31, 2017
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SchoolDigger is the “goto” site for school ratings. Here’s the entire list of Texas schools in case you missed it.

It seems Lovejoy ISD, Highland Park, and Southlake Carroll are always right there with each other.  Those are three superb school districts that have two things in common.

First, they are property wealthy districts.  Unfortunately, quality education costs a lot more than the government and taxpayers can provide in most areas so the additional funding to take a district to the next level has to come from somewhere else.  That’s in the form of property taxes and obviously more expensive homes create more tax income for the schools.

But even more than that, the common thread between these three districts is the commitment parents make to their schools through fundraisers and active participation when the schools reach out for help.

I can’t speak for the other districts, but I know for a fact when there’s a need for a volunteer at a Lovejoy school, all it takes is an email to the parents.  That need is filled immediately and quite often before most can get their responses back in.  Rhonda and I used to laugh about how she wanted to volunteer when a need came up for some help in copying or helping the teachers in other ways.  She was disappointed when someone had responded before she had a chance to volunteer.  That’s just how it is out here.

Our parents are committed to a quality education for their children and it shows every year in our state rankings.  I’ve never seen the Lovejoy District or even a Lovejoy school receive anything less than the highest ratings by the Texas Education Association.   That’s pretty remarkable.



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