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Brand New Agents, Unfilled Agents, Team Leaders, and Career Changers

If you’re considering a career move into real estate, already a licensed real estate agent and not being fulfilled, or even a seasoned veteran wanting to start your own team, Keller Williams International has something for everyone.  In my case, I finally joined KW in 2012 after 10 years of saying no thank you to them, and frankly, I wish I’d joined them 5 years earlier.

Considering 90% of new agents are out of the business within two years (something you won’t hear in the real estate classes), the odds aren’t great of any new agent breaking in.  There are about 7,000 licensed agents in Collin County alone, so you can see the competition is fierce.

Don’t be mistaken, even at KW, there are no guarantees of success, but I believe your chances of making it are much greater here at our KW Allen, Texas office, than anywhere else I’ve seen.  Your success will depend on your willingness to listen and learn what made other agents successful then put a plan into motion yourself.

I can honestly say, if you can’t make it at KW with all the services and educational opportunities they provide, you either aren’t listening or aren’t trying.  You don’t have to be the smartest one in the room or the one with the rich pedigree or degrees to reach your goals.  What you have to have is determination and a stubbornness and that has to come from within.  That can’t be taught, but the mechanics of becoming a successful agent can.

The Team Concept

If you’re already an established agent who wants to start a team you won’t find better training than KW.  In fact, that’s the only reason I joined.  I didn’t need to learn how to sell real estate.  I’ve been at the top for a long time (16 years as the #1 agent in Fairview, Lucas, and Lovejoy).  What I needed was a coach to teach me how to recruit the right people and build a team.

Keller Williams was the first real estate company to start the team concept.  They know the systems inside and out so I was all ears.  I trusted their model and my income has increased every year since.  Best of all, I have my life back, the help of a solid group of both great agents and admins, and we’re all flourishing.  We’ve had the top team in the KW Allen office every year since we came over.

The KW Culture 

When I joined KW, it was a leap of faith.  I knew very little about the company except they had the knowledge of team building I needed.  I had no idea there was such a thing as a KW Culture, but I do now.  At KW we are not only competitors, we also genuinely want everyone to succeed.  It’s a conundrum but a nice one. There’s no back stabbing.

If an agent needs help, all they have to do is ask and they’ll get it.  The experienced agents are more than happy to share their experiences and help the new agents out.  Have a question on a contract?  Just put the word out on our closed KW Allen Facebook page and you’ll get help usually right away, almost any time of the day or night.  And if the agents don’t know the answer, we’ll find out and post it for everyone else.  We all learn at the same time.  That’s part of the culture.

There are lots of real estate companies out there to choose from.  The brokerage you select will probably be the most important decision you’ll make, whether you realize it at the time or not.   If you’d like to visit with me personally or just want to call and ask questions, I’ll shoot it to you straight.  I will keep our conversation in the strictest of confidence.

The last point I’d like make is one of the most important.  If you’re interested in working in the Allen, Fairview, Lucas, and Parker markets, KW is by far the industry leader in market share.  It helps a lot on listing appointments to say “I’m not only with the largest real estate company in the world, our company is also dominant in this area”.  You don’t have to sell the company, you just have to sell yourself.

If I were entering the real estate business or already a seasoned agent and wanted to to take my business to the next level, I’d have to ask myself “Why am I competing with such a dominant company when I can be a part of it?”  That’s a decision only you can make.

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