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Is Keller Williams the Right Fit For You?

Posted by tomgrisak on January 10, 2018
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There’s a lot of talk these days about online brokerages with low fees, no office, and no personal interaction with other agents.  If you think that’s the road to a successful real estate career, Keller Williams might not be for you.  However if you believe, as I do, you need to be plugged in, interacting with other motivated and successful people, and pushing yourself to get where you want to go in life, KW just might be your answer.

Speaking from experience, I was a “lone wolf” broker for many years before finally joining KW 5 years ago.   I’d been successful in selling high price point homes in Fairview, Lucas, and Parker as Tom Grisak Estate Homes Realtors, but I had a sneaking suspicion something was missing.   My business was stagnant, I couldn’t work any harder than I already was, and I didn’t know how to solve the problem.  I’d become completely out of touch with my own industry with my isolation and I’m betting there are thousands of area real estate agents who feel the same way.

All it took was attending several of our KW Allen weekly office meetings to convince me my instincts had served me correctly.  For the first time I was around motivated and professional agents with fresh ideas.  They were willing to share their ideas with me and I brought many of mine to them.  We’re all competitors but we also want everyone to achieve their goals.  That’s part of the Keller Williams culture you might have heard about.

An Example of Why Our Allen KW Office Is So Special

The picture above is from today’s Wednesday KW Allen office weekly meeting.  This is not required attendance. These 100 or so agents are here to learn and improve themselves.

At these meetings, we discuss our new listings and market share.  And FYI, we’re crushing the Allen, Fairview, Lucas market.  Part of the meeting is dedicated to our KW culture.  We give time to those who want to thank someone for doing a favor.  It might be opening a home, help with a showing, contract advice, or just being a voice to talk to when they’re having a hard time with a client.  We call it “Fill the Bucket”.

We also introduce the new agents at these meetings.  Our ALC (Agent Leadership Committee) meets with them after the meeting to personally welcome them to the office.  I can’t speak for other offices because this is the only one I’ve ever joined but I wonder how many offices can show this kind of agent participation.

There are lots of low cost brokerages out there. In the end, as with all things in life, you get what you pay for.  I’ve said this many times … if you can’t reach your real estate goals with Keller Williams, no matter how high you set them, you either aren’t listening or aren’t trying.  There’s always someone to help or coach you to the next level.

If this is an environment you’d like to be a part of let me know.  New agents, seasoned agents, teams, etc.  there’s something for everyone at KW.  You can always email me confidentially at [email protected] or call me on my cell 214-850-1519


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