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Heritage Ranch, Fairview, Texas

Heritage Ranch in Fairview is an enigma, not like any other development.  Everything around HR is on at least one acre which is a requirement for homes on septic systems.  Fairview made an exception and allowed the developer to tie into the sewer system.

You’ll notice the only other place you’ll find high density residential and commercial in Fairview is along Greenville and SH Central.  The town wants to keep that separated from the interior where the majority of the homes exist.  The story goes this was a blocking action by the town of Fairview to prevent Stacy Rd from being extended up to the McKinney Airport.

Heritage is very popular with and limited to the the 50 year and older age bracket.  Excellent, well maintained public golf course, tennis courts, beautiful clubhouse, indoor and outdoor pool, workout center, everything buyers in that age bracket are looking for.  The subdivision is gated and guarded, so homeowners can feel safe leaving their home and travelling.

As would be expected, many of the homes are single story and their sizes range from 1,500 SF to 2,500 SF.  HR had a relatively slow start, but once it caught on, it finished out quickly.  Many of the homes were built in 2004.  Quite a few Fairview residents who live on acreage end up in HR when their kids have left home.  It’s also a popular destination for parents of middle aged Fairview residents who want to get close to their children and grandchildren.

There are two hospitals nearby and 3 million square feet of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment right down Stacy Rd.  It’s a home run for the town of Fairview and the residents of HR alike.

Heritage Ranch Location Map