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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Tom Grisak Estate Homes Realtors?

We’re a team of 6 full time agents and 3 full time administrators working in Allen, Texas.  We’re a full service brokerage.  We represent both buyers and sellers mostly within Collin County, which is north of Dallas County.



Why Is Your Company Called Tom Grisak “Estate Homes” Realtors?

We started selling “estate homes” or homes on acreage our first year in business and the name just stuck.  That’s really how we built our reputation.


Although you’ll be doing business with Tom Grisak Estate Homes Realtors, we’re also part of the Keller Williams International umbrella which we joined in 2013.  We offer the best of two worlds, personalized customer service and attention buyers and sellers appreciate along with the technology, networking, and marketing power of the largest real estate company in the world!   That’s a tough combination to beat.


What is a Keller Williams Luxury Home Agent?

Not all Keller Williams agents carry the Luxury Home Agent designation.  It must be earned through number of years in the business and a proficiency in handling luxury home transactions.   Through July 2017, Keller Williams Luxury Agents have already closed over $18 Billion in sales transactions.   All of the agents on our team carry this designation.


Do You Just Sell Acreage Homes?

Absolutely not!  If the home is in Fairview, Lucas, or Parker, chances are it will be on acreage, but our listings in Allen, Plano, and McKinney are rarely on acreage.


Do You Sell In Cities Other Than Those Mentioned Above?

Zoom in on this Interactive Map and it will show you where many of our sales have taken place, but they don’t stop there.  We’ve sold properties in Ennis, Farmersville, Howe, Little Elm, and as far away as Whitewright and Lake Whitney.



Do You Also Represent Buyers?

All of our agents represent buyers except Tom.  Tom only represents sellers on his listings.  And yes, a very large part of our business is representing buyers.  Buyers seek us out to represent them knowing we’re all very experienced and we all know this area extremely well.


Why Do I Always See Two Agents on All of Your Listings

We’re extremely client and customer service oriented but we’re all also very busy.  There might be times our clients need to speak to the lead agent quickly and for whatever reason, the lead agent is out of pocket.  The supporting agent is there to help, answer questions if they can, and expedite the process with the lead agent.  Too many agents try to do it all themselves, overbook themselves with listings, and the client ends up paying the consequences.  We don’t want that to happen so we don’t let it happen.


All I Ever See On Your Site is Very Expensive Homes. Do You List More Affordably Priced Homes?

Absolutely!  That question has come up quite a bit over the years and we’re always disappointed when we hear a seller of a moderately priced home didn’t call us because of this preconception.  The reality is we’re just as excited to list and sell a $200K home as a $2 Million home, and as mentioned, they’re all marketed exactly the same way.  The reason you’re probably seeing so many expensive homes on our site is because they tend to take longer to sell.  Our more affordably priced homes usually sell more quickly so they don’t last long on our site.


Are Your Luxury Homes Marketed Differently Than Non-Luxury Homes?

We market all of our properties identically and with the same pride; we use the same stagers, same photographers, same copywriters, everything regardless of the price of the home.  We wouldn’t dream of cutting corners to save marketing costs on our less expensive homes when our clients are trusting us to do it right.  However, we only fly our acreage properties with our drone.  If we used it within the city, all you’d see is rooftops because the lots are much smaller.


Do You Have a Relocation Department?

Yes, we are part of the largest relocation department in the world … Keller Williams International.  Keller Williams agent prefer to do business with other Keller Williams agents, so there’s a strong network bonding.  We’ve sold homes to American buyers from California to New York City to Alaska and internationally as far away as India.


Can We Trust You With Our Business?

No member of our team has ever been involved in any type of real estate arbitration, mediation, or litigation on a transaction.  We’ve never had a complaint filed on us.  With over 30 years and many hundreds of millions of dollars of sales transactions behind us, that should speak volumes about the way we work.  When you hire a Realtor to help you buy or sell a home, you’re tied to the hip with them.  They had better protect your interests and “dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s” or you might find yourself in trouble along with them.