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Tranquility Farms, Fairview Texas

You’d never even know Tranquility Farms, one of the most prestigious developments in Fairview, existed unless you turn down a little country asphalt road off Country Club Rd called Hart Rd.  For a while, before the development started to gain attention, that’s probably why it started off slowly.  But it turned out to be one of the most impressive developments in Fairview and it’s all due to the developer, LandPlan.  They took a featureless tract of flat farmland with hardly a tree on it and created a setting that attracted million dollar builders and buyers.  Here’s how LandPlan did it.

First, the developer sculpted the land to add two large ponds then drilled a deep well into the aquifer to keep them full.  Then they added a fountain to each lake.  Next they brought in concrete streets with underground utilities. They then planted trees, plants and bushes with irrigation.  And finally, they built a massive stone wall along the road with a very impressive entry feature.  With only 45 lots to spread the cost around it explains why they are so expensive.

The first home in Tranquility Farms was built around 2006 with most homes being built by 2016.  It has already sold out once and the remaining few lots are re-sales.  Most of the homes are on one acre lots.  Lot prices started out in the $250K range when the park was completed, but we’ve steadily watched those prices rise as the development began filling up. You’d probably pay around $450K or so for a one acre lot in there now, and soon those will also be gone.  Early on, you could buy a home in Tranquility for under $1 million, but those days are long gone too.

There are several reasons Tranquility Farms turned out the way it did.  First and foremost, the developer was very particular about the builders and type of construction allowed into the park.  They had final say on all home designs from the slope of the roof, amount of stone, and types of windows.  All of the homes are consistent with the integrity of the park.

I’ve seen very nice developments where one home didn’t quite fit in and it impacted the homes around it.  LandPlan is known to be a little difficult to work with builders when it comes to architectural design approvals (I’m told anyway) but that’s also what’s made Tranquility a very special place.

Another reason Tranquility was successful is the developer didn’t panic when the high end lot market slowed. They didn’t panic and lower the lot prices significantly or allow questionable builders with questionable designs into the park.  LandPlan had deep enough pockets to weather the storm and as always happens, the high end lot market came roaring back.

Of course, one of the main reasons Tranquility has done so well is it’s located in Lovejoy ISD, consistently rated one of the top school districts in the entire state of Texas.  Kids can walk across the street to Puster Elementary, the newest elementary school with all the latest bells and whistles.

Finally, Tranquility has a fantastic location.  You might feel like you’re “out a little”, you really aren’t.  There’s 3 million square feet of shopping, dining, and entertainment not 5 minutes away at the Village at Allen and Fairview.  And if quick access to major thoroughfares is important, from Tranquility you can be on either Central Expressway (75) or SH 121 in a matter of minutes by taking the back r