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Edgewood Estates, Lucas, Texas

Edgewood Estates and Cimarron right next door share a couple of things which set them apart from other developments in Lucas.  Neither are officially in the town of Lucas but located within its ETJ, or extraterritoral jurisdiction.  Because of this, those homeowners don’t pay city taxes.  The town of Lucas would like to bring them in for tax purposes, but at this stage, I doubt that will ever happen.  There’s no benefit to the homeowners.

I remember when the development was being planned.  There were some tough negotiations between Lucas and the developer.  Lucas wanted the tax revenue since they’re providing water and fire protection.  But the developer didn’t want to be incorporated into Lucas because it would mean he couldn’t develop into one acre lots.  That land was originally slated for two acre lots like much of Lucas.  Eventually the developer won out, the lots are about one acre in size and Lucas still provides water and fire protection.

If you’re wondering why the lots couldn’t be even smaller than one acre, neither the developer of the town of Lucas has any control over that.  The state of Texas requires that homes not on public sewer must be on at least one acre.  That’s deemed necessary for septic systems to work effectively without impacting neighboring homes.

Most of the homes in Edgewood Estates were built by Paul Taylor Homes and most of the homes in Cimarron were built by MChristopher Homes.  One of the really nice features of these two developments is kids can walk to Hart Elementary, Lovejoy ISD’s second elementary school.  Our son attended Hart Elementary and we had a great experience with it.  Lovejoy ISD is considered one of the top school districts in the entire state of Texas and is really the main draw for the area.  The developments are a quick drive to shopping, restaurants, and dining both in Allen and Fairview so they both have a lot going for them.


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