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About Our Professional Photography

When selling a home everything starts with pictures. Think about it. When a buyer finds a home on, the MLS, or the agent’s website (if they have one), they start by looking at the pictures. If the pictures are boring and unimpressive, why would that buyer waste their time getting into their car and driving to go see the home?

I wonder how many sales have been lost over poor picture quality although the home would have been a perfect fit for the buyer. I cannot speak for other Realtors, but I know for a fact, that has never happened on one of our listings.

We receive so many compliments about the photographs on our website. Of course, we realize that much of this is due to the beautiful homes we list, but there is so much more to what we do than just taking nice pictures. It takes a lot of time to get just the right picture, at just the right time of day, on just the right day!

We can easily take 100 pictures of a home, inside and out. Outside pictures can be tricky, so we might have to return to the home multiple times to get just the pictures we want. For instance, whenever shoot into the sun. This is easier said than done because north facing homes in the winter months have the sun hanging low overhead most of the day. We have to wait until mid-morning or mid-afternoon to take the shot while the sun is still relatively high and bright, but it is to our side and not directly behind the home. If you have seen those pictures where the home is just a dark blob in the middle of a white halo, whoever took that picture either didn’t know better or didn’t care.

Getting the outside lighting and our dusk shots means we often have to visit the home at least two times. We might have to go out in the morning when the sun is to our back to shoot the front and then return in the afternoon to get the rear of the home with the sun again to our back. Many times this cannot be done in the same day because cloud cover moves in between the morning shoot and the afternoon shoot. If we have to wait several days then run out again for the shot we need, we’ll do it.

Every one of our listing pictures is professionally edited before it hits our site. Those pictures are not only a reflection of the home, but also our company. We take great pride in everything we do.