Fairview, Texas

We Know Fairview

Fairview is not a large town by size, but it's very unique in many ways.  There's a lot to know about it.  Tom Grisak, Realtor, has been #! in sales within Fairview and its sister city of Lucas for the past 23 consecutive years.  Most of our agents live in these two towns and also have kids who attended Lovejoy School District.  We understand what makes this area so unique and special and would love to help you either sell or buy a home here.

It's a Town, Not a City

From the mayor of Fairview on down, the residents prefer to say they live in "the Town of Fairview", not the "City of Fairview".  The word "town" conveys a sense of closeness, togetherness, and common goals.  They all moved to Fairview for the same reasons.  They just don't want to become lost in a large city.  Drive or walk through a Fairview neighborhoods and you'll probably see people waving or smiling.  

Fairview Feels Like Country

Fairview is only 8.8 square miles in size with approximately 11,000 residents.  The north Dallas sprawl has already moved right over the town of Fairview so now there isn't much land left to develop.  What land is left to develop is already zoned for single family homes on big, one acre plus lots so the population isn't going to grow dramatically.  In the not too distant future there won't be any lots left to build on so you'll see more and more older homes comes coming down and replaced by big, new homes.

You’re likely to see horses, longhorns, sheep, goats, and other farm animals on the larger Fairview estate properties. You'll sometimes run across road runners, hawks, bobcats, beavers, and believe it or not, you might see a deer every once in a while in East Fairview. 

The way Fairview was zoned many years ago, all the commercial and high density is located on the west side of Fairview abutting two major thoroughfares, Hwy 75 and Hwy 121.  But the east side abuts Lake Lavon, a 748,200 acre feet lake.  That plus the 29,450 acres surrounding the lake and owned by the Army Corps of Engineers will never be developed.  It's a magnet for wildlife and always will be. 

Fairview enforces a "dark sky" ordinance which restricts the light shining up from street lights in and around  developments.  This, along with the lack of any lights on or around Lake Lavon means you can enjoy dark nights and actually see the stars.

Fairview's Impressive Luxury and Estate Homes

It might be easier to show you rather than trying to explain it.  Just Click Here to see some of our notable sales we've had in Fairview over the years.  One acre lots are quickly running out and most are already controlled with home builders.  You'll pay around $700K if you can find one and that means it's just about impossible to build a new home for under $1.5 million.  

The only downside I see for Fairview is it's just become too expensive for young families with children to afford.  This has resulted in the shuttering of one of the three elementary schools in the town because of the lack of elementary age students, and frankly, I don't know how that is ever going to change.

All the City Conveniences are Right There

Fairview is literally across the street from two larger cities, Allen and McKinney comprised of more than 315,000 residents.  Fairview has the luxury of using all the great shopping, restaurants, and entertainment they afford without the traffic and small city sized lots that go with it. 

Fairview has its own major commercial development at the NEC of Hwy and 75 which guarantees a minimum of $1 million per year in the way of sales tax.  That, along with the substantial property taxes from the expensive Fairview homes are the reasons it can afford its own, beautiful four story town hall, two fabulous fire stations, and a fully equipped fire and police department.

The Medical Center of McKinney, a Level II Trauma Center, Primary Stroke Center and Stroke Rehabilitation Center is on the northern border of Fairview and there is another fine hospital just south of Fairview in Allen called Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Fairview is Known For Its Fantastic Lovejoy School District

There are two school districts in Fairview, McKinney ISD and Lovejoy ISD.  Most of Fairview is situated within the boundaries of the Lovejoy Independent School District, a perennial top three public school system year after year as rated by the Texas Education Agency.  It's always right there at the top trading places with the highly acclaimed Highland Park and Carroll school districts which speaks volumes about Lovejoy.

Lovejoy ISD is not a large school district with only about 4,300 students, so the kids know each other, the teachers, and the administrators. Many students go through the entire school district from first grade through high school.  One of the great things about attending a school district of this size is the kids don't have to be superstar athletes to participate. 

Lovejoy's most recognized sport, with multiple state championships is the girl's volleyball team.  Year in and year out, they put together a phenomenal team and their athletes are recruited by colleges from across the country.  Just take a look at the website for the girl's volleyball team

Lovejoy has a strong gifted and talented program with the parents stand solidly behind the administration, teachers and kids. There are no apartments within the Lovejoy School district so the students are coming from stable single family homes with low turnover. Many kids go through the entire district from 1st grade through high school and are highly sought after by colleges including Ivy League schools because of the strong study habits they've learned in Lovejoy.

Are You Interested in Fairview?

Just give us a call and we'd be happy to take you on an hour and a half tour of the town.  That's all it will take and we know you'll like what you see.