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1450 Snider Ln in Lucas Closes

Posted by tomgrisak on August 6, 2018
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Residential real estate is a funny business.  Not “ha ha” funny, but strange funny.  Sometimes we have listings we really think will sell quickly and for some reason, they languish on the market. We don’t know why.  We have several like that right now.  We’re scratching our heads wondering why they haven’t sold already.

Other times we have listings we think will take months to sell.  We let the sellers know going in we’re looking for just the right fit for their home, we’re at the top of the market on pricing, and it might take awhile.  That was the case of 1450 Snider Ln. and it surprised us.  It went under contract in the first several weeks which is quick for out here in this price point.

It’s not we believed there was anything wrong with the property, because there wasn’t.  We just felt it would probably appeal to a very small segment of buyers plus, it had a high price tag of $925K.   However we found the right buyer early on.  They were specifically looking for what this home had to offer … extra acreage and access to the Trinity Equestrian Trail.  They didn’t need all the bells and whistles of a new construction home.

We were concerned the property wouldn’t appraise because there were no exact comparables for it.  That actually happens quite a bit out here in Fairview, Lucas, and Parker because most of the homes are customs with all different types of lots and lot features.  We always hold our breath until the appraisal comes in, but this time it all worked out fine.  Another happy seller and we know the buyer is going to love their new home!

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