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1155 Christian Lane and 146 Estelle Lane in Lucas Both Close on Friday

Posted by tomgrisak on December 17, 2017
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We closed on two very nice Lucas homes with Lovejoy ISD on Friday.  This is the second time we’ve sold both of these homes.

Those who know me have heard me say so many times how special the home shown just below is to Rhonda and me.  We started out in Lucas in this home 18 or so years ago.  We raised our son there and have so many great memories of the place.

We could shut the privacy gate up front and let the world go by.  Total privacy, two deep spring fed ponds with fountains, 5 acres completely iron fenced, a huge old barn, and a view from the back that’s one in million.  Right behind us was hundreds of acres of untouched land owned by the corps of engineers which will never be developed.  The 27 mile Trinity Equestrian and hiking trail was back there too and Rhonda and I took long walks behind our home.

I used to sit in my study, to the far right of the home in the picture below, and watch the cold fronts move in from the north.  The home sits high on a hill so you can see forever over the trees.  I remember one day laying on my back in the back yard watching a hawk riding updrafts in countless until it was so high it was almost out of sight.  Then it just floated away to the west.

We had two horses, Scud, a muscled up American quarter horse and Socks, a flighty Arabian.  We also miss them greatly.  They’d run from the bottom pasture all the way to the top and then around the ponds.  They always came over to say Hi when we got home.  We spent a lot of quality time in that barn with them.

I’m especially happy the new owners have lots of kids.  They’ll be building their own memories there.  I hope they look back on the home as fondly as Rhonda, Jason and I do after all these years.  Such is life.  We move on but we keep our memories with us.

This wasn’t the easiest sale.  We had some issues to work through but the buyer and seller hung in there and we cleared the obstacles one at a time.  What really surprised me is the home appraised.  Not that I didn’t think it was worth every penny, there just weren’t any good comparables.  That actually happens a lot out here especially with older custom homes on acreage.  I’ve had to battle with appraisers in the past who just don’t understand this area.  But we got a good appraiser, even though she told me she doesn’t do many properties like this.  I guess she agreed when I told her how unusual it is to find properties like this out here.

The home was listed for $1.265 million.

Our other sale on Friday was 146 Estelle in Lucas.  I knew this home would sell quickly and it did.

We sold the home to the owners many years ago and they trusted us to sell it for them.  I looked back at what they paid for it and it boggles my mind how much properties have appreciated out here.  BTW, it’s not the homes themselves that are going through the roof, it’s the land beneath them.  I’ll be sharing some info on new developments we have coming online.  Those 2 acre lots start at about $425K, probably double what these lots sold for 8-9 years ago.

Why did it this home so quickly?  Besides being such a great looking home, it’s also in the most popular price point in Lucas, $600K to $800K.  It’s a nice sized home (3,376 SF) , but certainly not as large as the huge homes coming out of the ground these days.  Builders just can’t afford to build a home this small anymore because the land underneath it is so expensive.  It’s rare to see new homes in this size and price range in Fairview, Lucas, and Parker, so the market for homes like these will just continue to get stronger.

This was a pretty home even before the standing seam roof was added last year, but the new roof completed the picture.  I think it’s one of the classiest looking homes out there and we are honored to have sold it.

Lynda Roundtree, one of our Lovejoy specialists, also did a great job helping me market and negotiate this sale.  The home was listed for $659,000.

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